about THE company

Stealth is the platform where ‘Technology’ assists ‘Decision Making in Policy’. Pioneers from various sectors come together to navigate you through the torrential waters of Big data. Hand holding your way through this shape shifting flux, automated self-processes makes Artificial Intelligence accessible at the click of a button.

Our team works 24x7 to innovate and create new technology for.

Aviation and Tourism Sector

Entertainment Sector

Fashion Industry


Ports and Shipping

Financial Institutions 

FMCG services

Ecommerce and Startup

Infrastructure, Factories and Real Estate


Repetition to Revolution- Automation Redefined
One of the key pillars of modern Industrial story is automation. It enhances the consistency of workflow with unparalleled predictability. No institution Public or Private can ensure clockwork efficiency without introducing automation in its processes whether labor management, finance or logistics. With an able mind at its helm the machine does what you want provided you know what you want from it. Stealth, helps you create your own mecha
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Data Analytics- A Way into the Data Jungle
The fundamental purpose of everyone’s life is to seek truth and in contemporary world, truth resides in data. The more connected we are, the more data we have to sift through to establish truth.Stealth, with our dedicated data analytics team, offers you a tactical advantage over your competition with intelligent algorithms that have been inspired by the latest breakthroughs in neurolinguistics, imagining, psychology and artificial intellig
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What does it mean when someone uses terms like big data, data science or data analytics, as we so often find people doing these days? According to Gartner, a leading IT research firm, the definition of Big Data reads, “Big data is high-volume and high-velocity and/or high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision-making, and process automation.
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